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Facilities delivery is driven by the objectives of the owner and involves many disciplines. It is a process whose end result is mandated by the owner's needs and involves the successful navigation of program, site, function, schedule and budget constraints. All owners want high quality, short schedule and low cost. Good project management will help an owner balance these wants, which are often in conflict; so as to optimize the three in a manner best suited to the owner's needs, and his value objectives.

tbd Consultants is very experienced in the delivery of projects. Each job is different but we base our project management approach on certain key activities;-

- Definition of project program and design criteria
- Establishment of an overall schedule
- Establishment of an agreed budget
- Establishment of a project delivery method
- Agreement on clear lines of communication
- Selection of designers and contractors
- Implementation of a schedule management and reporting plan
- Implementation of a cost management and reporting plan
- Incorporation of value engineering techniques into the design process
- Approvals process monitoring
- Constructability review of design documents
- Regular design progress meetings
- Competitive selection of contractors
- Construction contract documentation enabling close control of quality, time and money during construction
- Regular construction progress meetings
- Project close out, handover and commissioning
- Final account settlement

The success of a project depends upon the correct interpretation of the program and design criteria in the construction documents and the correct execution of the scope contained in the construction documents during construction. Needless to say it also depends on finishing on time and within budget (the three main drivers of project management being quality, schedule and price). The owner's responsibility is to make decisions in a timely manner. Our responsibility is to ensure he receives accurate and reliable information, also in a timely manner, on which to base his decisions.

Our approach to project management is collaborative. We are team players. We believe the best results are obtained when all parties are working in a constructive environment which enables them to be most effective. This improves communication and efficiency and promotes a positive response from all team members. Everyone shares in a successful project and benefits from the result.

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