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Quantity Surveys


Quantity Surveys are needed for a wide variety of purposes, including:
- Preparing estimates and bids
- Measuring work completed (for interim payments, etc.)
- Valuing change orders
- Assessing the validity of claims
- Value engineering
- Life cycle costing/cost-in-use
- Due diligence studies

Such quantity surveys may be carried out from drawings or at the actual site, as appropriate. Consequently, the method used for carrying out the measurements will vary widely, with drawings possibly be measured by scale rule, small measuring wheel, digitizer, or on-screen software (such as BidScreen from Vertigraph) used with electronic documents. On-site measurements might be carried out using traditional tape, electronic 'tape' measures, measuring wheel, etc.

Whatever method is used, the level of detail must be appropriate for use to which it is being put, gathering ample records, but not superfluous information.

Quantity Surveys are normally part of the process to achieving another goal, but in almost all cases they are a very important part.

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