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Strategic Planning


Public and private institutions and corporations alike need to plan carefully for any investment or venture. Each has a legal, moral and, in many cases, fiduciary responsibility to its constituents, investors, stakeholders and/or user groups. There is an old military saying that 'Prior proper planning prevents pitiful poor performance'. It applies in any forum and it is particularly apt in the area of facility delivery and management.

Strategic planning is an important precursor to all of programming, design, construction and commissioning. Planning may involve any or all of the following;- market analysts, land acquisition professionals, financial analysts, legal counsel, land planners, programmers, architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors, operations consultants and facility managers. For some organizations the role of strategic planning may be an in-house staff function. For some it will be out-sourced. In either case tbd Consultants is ready to assist in the strategic planning process.

We are experienced in the delivery of projects of virtually all types and sizes and can bring that experience to bear in the very earliest stages of planning a project. We are able to work directly with our clients, or lead multi-disciplinary groups, in assembling and analyzing information. We also conduct brainstorming sessions to evaluate alternative facility approaches. The evaluation can include operational, organizational and financial considerations, to determine facility location, size and functional attributes. It can also explore alternative project delivery systems, schedules and budgets.

Every project involves risk, and construction projects certainly have their fair share. Some of the more obvious ones include market conditions affecting prices, delays in delivery of materials, shortages in the labor supply, and a subcontractor going into liquidation. What strategies can you take to mitigate these risks? We at tbd Consultants are here to help you make those decisions, and strategic planning is central to this.

Once the main path to be followed has been chosen, then there are decisions to be made on many different construction options, such as using a steel or concrete frame for a new building, or selecting between different HVAC options. Again, we are experts at evaluating construction and other associated costs, and using life cycle costing to compare the long-term costs of alternates.

These days, being ecologically responsible is becoming more important, and we have LEED accredited consultants that are trained in evaluating 'green' building techniques and options, and helping you determine what LEED Rating (if any) you might be want to aim for within your budget. LEED ratings can apply to new or existing buildings, and to the ongoing use of a building.

Our services culminate in the delivery of a set of recommendations. As with all our services, tbd Consultants' aim is the delivery of the best possible value for the resources employed, and we are here to meet your strategic planning needs.

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